Support Our Teachers 100%. An Appeal to the MISD Board of Directors. (Opinion)

Originally posted on August 8, 2013 @ 8:37 pm

1school_boardIn Monday’s MISD Board Meeting, when discussing teacher salaries, many things were mentioned. A few board members were very careful to peruse the budget and make sure everything that would be needed was in there. This kind of experience at any time when dealing with a $12.7 million budget is very important. Your bases must be covered. Board members Rodney Watkins and Dr. John Abbott and others looked closely at the lines of the budget and asked many questions of Asst. Superintendent for Business & Operations, William Bjork. Each question was answered satisfactorily by Mr. Bjork. No stones were left unturned and no questions went unanswered.

In a nut shell, MISD is set up very well for 2013-14. It looks like some trouble spots have been cleaned up, ie: complete band uniforms and other areas of the budget are based on previous years, so barring any unforeseen disasters or larger problems that would adversely affect MISD, things are good.

After the additional insurance premiums are met, the board still has $152,822 left over. A modest 2% raise would cost $152,043. Why can’t MISD give teachers and other school employees as much as possible? Why would they want to give them a 1.5% raise, leaving $28,000 of the budget unspent? This $28k is roughly .02% of your budget we are talking about.

Let’s say the unspeakable happens and property values drop tremendously, collections plummet and everything goes awry. That $28,000 isn’t going to pull MISD out of that. It isn’t going to stop the school system from doing anything necessary to daily operations. Traffic problems are being addressed and this $28,000 isn’t part of that money.

School employees got no real raise last year.

Giving teachers and other school employees a 1.5% raise when the money for a 2% raise is sitting right there just doesn’t seem right. Who else deserves this money as much as teachers?

  • It could be said by board members that, “It’s only $28,000, that’s just a few dollars a year for each employee.”
  • It could also be said by teachers that, “It’s only $28,000, that’s just a few dollars a year for each employee.”

Both sides can claim the same argument here. Considering the importance of teachers to our overall society, shouldn’t we give them a $28,000 benefit of the doubt here?

This is about MISD teachers and support staff getting every ounce of support possible. This is about a school system supporting it’s teachers 100% and not holding anything back. I mean, if the money is not there for raises, then it’s not there. BUT THE MONEY IS THERE FOR A 2% RAISE FOR TEACHERS AND OTHER SCHOOL EMPLOYEES.

If you disagree with me that teachers should not be paid every single penny that we can find to pay them, then I encourage you to seek out some teachers and engage them in such a discussion. I will let them handle that.

If you agree with me here, please sign the petition below. Each signed petition will be delivered to the MISD Board of Directors.

Scott Hazard
Publisher – Mineola Buzz

This petition will be sent to members of the MISD Board of Directors. They will see only your name and your email address. We hope that, if you agree that we should support our teachers the very best we can, you will sign the petition.


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