Smoking is Out. Vaping is In. Vaportastics, Mineola Texas

Originally posted on December 17, 2013 @ 1:52 pm

Vaportastics Mineola TexasOver the past few years, the American smoking public has discovered a much better way to deliver their nicotine. “Vaping” is the new, preferred, delivery method for those with a need for nicotine. Vaping is using an electronic cigarette (e-cig) to heat up a liquid mixture into a fine vapor which is then inhaled to deliver the nicotine. One of the upfront advantages is the wide array of flavors you can get your “e-juice” in. I tried Pecan Pie this morning and was surprised that is actually tasted like… Pecan Pie!

Smokers are adopting the vapor technique widely nationwide. Janet Orsak, owner of Vaportastics in Mineola, says that vaping is getting more and more popular for several reasons, the most common of which are:

  1. Vaping costs less money
  2. Vaping is more widely accepted because it doesn’t stink up the room
  3. Vaping gives you many options in flavors and choices in the e-cig itself
  4. Vaping has shown to have fewer negative health effects

Vaportastics Mineola Texas

Cost Comparison

If a smoker smokes a pack of cigarettes per day, that equates to about $200 per month. An e-cig starter kit comes with everything you need and costs about $35. That includes a bottle of e-juice that is comparable to a carton of cigarettes. That same pack-a-day smokers we mentioned above will consume about 3  10ml bottles of e-juice per month. Those bottles cost $8 each. So for month one, your total cost is $35 + $8 + $8 = $51. Subsequent months would cost $8 x 3 = $24 per month. Of course these estimates will vary by user, accessories purchased and consumption levels, but it is easy to see that vaping is a money-saver for those with a nicotine addiction.

Referrals and Education

The staff at Vaportastics says that every day they educate customers about how all of this works. Being fairly new, the vaping process has many questions to be answered for the average customer. They are happy to thoroughly explain how it all works to anyone who walks in their door.

Referrals to Vaportastics come from the expected sources, friends and family members. Some referrals also come from some unexpected sources like doctors and other healthcare professionals who recommend e-cigs to their patients with certain conditions where smoking presents dangers even greater than the obvious.

Vaportastics Mineola TexasCustomer Service

Vaportastics stands behind what they sell. As I was in their store this morning, I witnessed a customer come in with a failure of a component of their e-cig. Janet acknowledged the problem, promptly replaced the defective component and sent the customer on their way. No matter how good an e-retailer or mail order house is, hometown customer service is something you cannot get anywhere else other than your hometown, local retailer.

Custom E-juice Blends from American-made Products

Vaportastics can sell you the typical selection of flavors in e-juice, as can they sell you the typical nicotine levels etc. They can also custom blend your e-juice right in front of you as you order it. This gives the customer limitless opportunities to get EXACTLY the flavor etc. that they want. That is something that no cigarette or other typical tobacco product can offer you. All products used are American-made, food grade products.

Obviously, the best scenario is not to have a nicotine addiction. But for those who do have a nicotine addiction, Vaportastics has you covered with a huge variety of delivery products and juices, great customer service and the knowledge that what you are buying is top quality at a great price… all while supporting a local Mineola merchant who pays taxes and salaries that support our local economy.

Vaportastics Mineola Texas

Janet is also a dealer for Scentsy candles and products. Some items are in stock but all Scentsy items can be ordered at Vaportastics.

1229 N. Pacific St.
Mineola, TX 75773

(903) 569-5450

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