Second Play by Local Artist Set to Open

Originally posted on June 29, 2010 @ 8:04 am

Mathew Brian first brought us The Flicker King in 2009. This was a tale of intrigue, deception, things that go bump in the night and just about everything else that could go wrong in a person’s life.

Now Mathew is back. This time it is Crying Wolves, a tale of two friends, each with an uncontrollable and over-the-top desire to prove to prove they are the best prankster. Of course there are many twists and turns along the way. There are even a few lessons on life, at least according to the twisted sense of humor of Mat Brian. I was fortunate to have read an early copy of this script. I know it has changed since it was originally written, but I can almost guarantee you that it still contains some wild antics and humor that will make you laugh hysterically and maybe, maybe even provoke a thought or two. OK, so they might not be the deepest thoughts in the world, but a thought is a thought and that is what the theater is supposed to do.

This new show opens July 1st and is performed in the studio located directly above B&B’s Legal Grounds Coffee Shop on N. Johnson St. in Mineola. The poster below contains the dates, times and method of making reservations. Feel free to bring your cooler of beer or a bottle of wine… or two. What you do NOT want to bring are your small children or a stuffy attitude. This play requires an adult sense of humor and the willingness to let loose for a few hours and enjoy whatever it is that you might be in for.

You’ll like it. I promise!

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