School Board Discusses Funding for Dual Credit Program

Originally posted on July 19, 2013 @ 6:30 am

John Fuller

One of the topics of discussion at Monday’s school board meeting was the dual credit program. Offered through Tyler Junior College, the dual credit program allows qualified students to take college-level courses and receive credit for both high school requirements and college credit. The bulk of the discussion was tuition funding for the program.

Currently, all students participating in the dual credit program are responsible for the full tuition for each course. The fee for each class is $275. According to TJC, each semester is counted as a class, so a student taking a class for a full year must pay $550 in tuition. Students in the program are also responsible for buying textbooks.

School Superintendent, Dr. John Fuller, sought to know the interest level in looking at options for helping students to pay for the tuition. Some districts pay the full tuition outright for all participating students, according to Fuller. Paying half of the tuition was offered as an option, as well as reimbursement of fees after the course had been passed. Another suggestion involved awarding funds based on grades received for the courses. While there are many questions to be answered and logistics to be arranged, there was unanimous interest from the board to investigate options to making the dual credit program more accessible to the students of the district.

New high school principal, David Sauer, reported that there are an average of 50 students participating in the dual credit program each year. Most participating students take one course, but there are some that take two courses. He has been made aware of at least one student that wished to participate that could not because of finances, and feels there are more that haven’t spoken up about wanting to participate.

The district would need approximately $27,000 to cover all tuition costs at the current participation rate. Dr. Fuller will investigate options available to present to the board at a later date. Assistant Superintendent for Business & Operations, William Bjork, will study the policies of endowments to determine if a scholarship can be formed using any of those funds.

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