Roses Celebrate Our National Heros

Originally posted on May 15, 2014 @ 11:30 am

Mineola, TX, May 14, 2014

Flowers play many roles in everyday life: they express comfort during loss; they say “I’m thinking of you”; they provide the final polish to a memorable event; they are an extension of people’s emotions. The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation and their network of donors will show that Americans have not forgotten what our nation asks of some very special men and women.


Stitchin Heaven will partner with The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation to place roses in our community and at Arlington National Cemetery this Memorial Day. They believe that by placing roses on appropriate headstones in local cemeteries, citizens show respect and connect the local and national community.

Join Stitchin Heaven by stopping by the store at 1118 N. Pacific St. in Mineola, TX on Saturday, May 24rd and pick up your roses – the roses are free as this is their way to help you honor your family or friend.

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation will match community efforts and place roses in Arlington National Cemetery when loved ones are honored at home!

Stitchin Heaven Gals say THANK YOU to:

Linda T – father-in-law Johnie P. Taylor served in army

Sherri G – Robert Chiotti and cousin Chiotti served in army during the 1950’s

Taylor B – great grandfather Mac McCollum served with the army in World War II, paternal great grandmother Frances Kawano served in World War II. Frances was the first Japanese/American woman allowed to serve after Pearl Harbor.

Erin T – paternal grandfather James Oliver Carter served with the army in World War II. maternal grandfather served with the army in World War II and was a POW

Trish R – grandfather Normer Havis served with the army in World War II and was awarded the Purple Heart

Vicky D – father-in-law Clyde Damon served with the army in World War II

Lucy S – father Glen Earl Thomas served with the army in Hawaii during World War II

Rachel L – grandfather Joseph Senkyrik served with the army in the Korean War

Kathy Sm – father Ray Kingsbury served with army air core in Korean War, and grandfather Lyman Tucker served with the army air core during World War II

Ashley  – grandfather Ben Keaton Cudd Jr. served with the army during World War II. He was a member of the Army Band. An uncle, Bill Wansley served with the Marines

Debby L – My dad, Obie G.Slaughter, was in the Navy and served on an aircraft carrier. He was on the vessel the day WWII ended. He loved his country and was proud to have served to protect our freedom.

Kathy Si – Much love and appreciation to my Dad, Mom, and Wyatt Beard, who served as an Air Force Bomber Pilot during the Korean War. We owe our ‘Freedom’ to God and the service men and women who have given of their lives for each of us. Thank You!

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