Quitman Goes Wet? Is it True?

Originally posted on February 24, 2009 @ 3:30 pm

According to this sign at Papadale’s in Quitman, the city has apparently granted, or is in process of granting them a license to sell alcohol. 

This photo, taken from my phone (hence the not so good quality) says “Hiring Bartender”.

It appears that East Texas is catching up with the times. Allowing the sale of alcohol will attract restaurants to the area because most of the national chain restaurants depend on bar sales to stay  in the black.

This will have effects on both sides of the coin. Those who wish to drink alcohol will now have a place to go to have a drink with, or without, dinner. While adding new revenue, this decision also presents new challenges for local and county government with an increase in alcohol-related incident calls and a possible increase in DUIs.

What’s your opinion of this?

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What about package sales?

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