Petition to level EZ Mart and put a parking lot in its place

Originally posted on January 20, 2012 @ 2:53 pm

At the 1-19-2012 City Council workshop at Mineola City Hall, a petition was presented to the Council asking them to not renew the lease for the EZ Mart in Mineola. Not only does this group want to not renew the lease, they want the city to foot the bill for removing the building, removing the underground fuel tanks and then pave the lot for parking.

Whether you like the EZ Mart or not, the fact remains that it is a thriving business in the city of Mineola. It generates sales tax revenue, it consumes utilities, it employs 8-10 people and it provides a valuable service to the people of Mineola in that it is open 24/7 for any emergency needs they may have in the middle of the night. Being open around the clock also serves those who go to work early, sportsmen who are out early and anyone else who might need something during the overnight hours.

EZ Mart Petition

When the EZ Mart lease came up on the agenda at last night’s meeting, it was referred to executive session, meaning that the council will meet on it privately before Monday’s regular City Council meeting. The council then may or may not bring it up for open discussion during the regular, public, city council meeting.

We mentioned this on our Facebook page last night and have gotten several comments from various viewpoints.

In the name of public information, we have provided a PDF copy of each of the petitions. They are worded slightly differently, but both ask for the same end result. We did not feel it necessary to print the addresses of those signing the petition, so they have been erased from the pages. Names that were scratched out were also removed.

Petition 1 –  Petition 2

If this is an issue that is of interest to you, please attend the Monday, January 23rd meeting of the Mineola City Council at City Hall at 5:30.

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