Notes from the Mineola City Council

Originally posted on October 25, 2013 @ 11:26 am

Here are some highlights of the council workshop on 10-24-2013.

Museum Roof

Months back, the Mineola Historical Museum was damaged because water backed up on the roof and flooded the building from above. It was believed that this was caused by roofing materials from a recent roofing job that were not removed. When it rained, these materials clogged up the drains, therefore creating standing water on the roof of the building.

Last month the insurance company offered to pay $4000 of the original claim of $7,063.38. The council decided to reject that offer and turn it over to the city attorney to pursue the full amount of the claim.

Last night it was announced that the insurance company had raised its offer to $$4950 and the city attorney has suggested the council accept that offer. So that offer is $950 higher than the original offer. At this time, we do not know how much in attorney fees the city has encumbered during this process.

Economic Development

Mercy Rushing reported that the Economic Development department of Mineola has four new prospects. These are businesses that are looking at relocating to Mineola or opening an office in Mineola.

Mineola Police Department is Hiring

Police Chief Chuck Bitner reported that the police department has been interviewing candidates for patrol positions and an investigator position. This year, the city added an investigator position and also needs to hire two patrol officers to replace retired officers. Candidates interested in becoming a police officer in Mineola are encouraged to apply at City Hall.

Sanitation Ponds – $300,000 Savings

Johnnie McCoy reported that one of the problematic sanitation ponds is now covered and will be fully covered with grass and completely up to spec by the Spring. They are working on covering the other pond at this time. The city had originally estimated, and budgeted, a sum greater than $300,000 for this job, but this is being completed for nowhere near that price.

Mayor Ken Pearce pointed out that Mr. McCoy has saved the city $300,000 in his work to fix these ponds. Perhaps some of this money saved could be used to fix Commerce St. once and for all? If you would like to see that, contact your City Council representative and suggest that.

Bigfoot Capital of Texas

An effort is underway from our Community Development department to have Mineola named the official Bigfoot Capital of Texas. Some on the council seemed excited about this, while others expressed concern about this idea. This appears to be a long process that would require help from the state legislature. Due to lack of details presented, this measure was tabled until a later session.

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