New Coin Shop in Mineola. Stonewall Jackson’s Grand Opening – Something for Everyone

Originally posted on April 10, 2013 @ 5:48 pm

This Saturday, April 13th, is the grand opening of Stonewall Jackson’s Armory & World Coin Gallery in Mineola.

Just a few things you can experience this weekend are:

  • 1500 Morgan Silver Dollars for sale. $32.50 each or 5 or more for $32.00 each. These coins are unsorted and unsearched, meaning that their values will vary. But the least a Morgan Silver Dollar is worth is about $33, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in buying these coins. This NGC Guide will show you that in the worst possible shape, Morgan silver dollar coins are worth about $33. The coins will be sold in a random manner and no method of selecting the coins will be available, only that the coin will be a Morgan Silver Dollar.
  • A giveaway for a 1 gram bar of pure gold as well as some silver and copper will take place on Saturday. You need not be present to win, but you do need to get by Stonewall Jackson’s before Saturday’s drawing to register to win.
  • Just for Mineola Buzz readers, Mike will have a large jar of unsorted, ungraded wheat pennies. Ask him for one and he will gladly give you one. You have to ask for one. No strings attached.
  • Wheat pennies are worth about 3 cents each… and you never know, maybe you’ll grab one worth more!
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Owner, Mike Garrett is overflowing with enthusiasm over his new shop on S. Johnson St. in Mineola, and rightfully so. His shop isn’t named after  General Stonewall Jackson, not directly anyway. It is named after his Grandfather, retired Navy Chief John Jackson, who earned the name Stonewall while playing catcher on the 1944 All Navy Softball team. Chief Jackson was fearless at the plate and his teammates named him Stonewall. Chief Jackson gave his grandson, Mike Garrett, his first collectible coin when Mike was 6 years old. Garrett is proud to say that this coin is on display in his shop some 40 years later. So, even though he has been an avid collector for many years, this store has a special meaning to Mike. It was also said to me that Mike’s wife, Kitten, might have gotten a little bit tired of living in a house full of collectible coins.
As for the armory part of the name, Mike is working on attaining licenses to sell firearms and hopes to have that part of the shop complete and stocked by late May.

Stonewall Jackson’s is one of only a few coin shops in Texas that specializes in World Coins. His prize coin in this category is a 1738 British Half Penny that was taken from a British soldier during the Revolutionary War.

You can buy, sell or trade at Stonewall Jackson’s. Mike offers a free sorting and value determination service if you have a collection of coins and would like to have their value assessed. He will tell you the retail value of your coins and if it is something he would like to buy, he will then make you an offer. He reminded me that it is no secret that coin dealers are in business to make a profit, but he consciously decided to first give a full valuation before making an offer so that it is clear to the customer what their item is worth.

Stonewall Jackson’s is an independent coin shop. They have no limitations because of affiliations with certain suppliers and vendors. This means that you can get most anything you can dream of, coins and paper bills, at their store. Want some bulk gold? Want a Fort Knox 24k gold brick? He can get it. The store has thousands of specialty products in stock, such as proof sets, special US Mint products and even coin collecting supplies and accessories. They have over 10,000 coins and bills in stock and what they don’t have is generally only a phone call away.

Stonewall Jackson’s is also a Mineola drop-off point for food pantry for the Golden Food Pantry and Boutique. Mike’s wife, Kitten, is the director of this organization. They are based out of the Golden United Methodist Church and serve 120-150 people per day. Please drop off any food items during business hours. Contact the Food Pantry at (903) 850-6033.

Stonewall Jackson’s Armory and World Coin Gallery
114 S. Johnson St.
Mineola, TX 75773

(903) 258-3242

Open Monday – Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM

Visit them on Facebook

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Stonewall Jackson's Armory and World Coin Gallery

Stonewall Jackson’s Armory and World Coin Gallery

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