New Apartments Break Ground in Mineola. MineolaBuzz Readers Asked to Help Name Them.

Originally posted on February 23, 2012 @ 3:25 pm

From left to right: Michael Jones - Builder, Novada Bingham - City Council, Pat Hamlet - Century 21 Realtor, Ryan James - Bank Texas, Bo Whitus - Mayor

Mineola will soon have a new apartment complex that is sure to add to the value of our city. Today, Michael Jones of 5J Builders, along with city officials and others had a brief ground-breaking ceremony for Mineola’s newest apartments.

The apartments will be directly behind Tractor Supply and will contain some 60+ individual units, along with a pool and other amenities.

This is great news for Mineola. This is not only a large investment in our community, but 60 new families is enough to make an impact to our local economy.

Michael Jones, his brothers and their father make up 5J Builders.


As of this moment, the apartments do not have a name. The builder has agreed to accept submissions for a name of the apartments. Comments left on this page and on our Facebook page will be reviewed and considered by the builder for the name of the apartments.

If a name from this site or our Facebook page is selected, will give $100 to the person who submitted the name. Only one entry (the first one) will be selected in the case of multiple people submitting the same name.

So with that being said…reply to this comment or to the relevant post on our Facebook page and let them know what to name these apartments. Leave your comment below or on our Facebook page.

The new apartments are located behind Tractor Supply in Mineola.

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