Music on the Streets Comes Inside at East Texas Burger Company

Originally posted on July 8, 2013 @ 6:30 am

Debbie Davis and Heather Little

Mineola has enjoyed Music on the Streets for a while now. With the weather heating up, enjoying it has become a little more difficult for some of our citizens. East Texas Burger Company owners Ken and Debbie Davis have begun testing an option for those that want to enjoy music without the heat.

ETBC now offers live music 12-2 on Saturdays with no cover charge or admission. Debbie is eager for feedback from the community. “The first two weeks we had electric bass guitars,” she says. The customers loved it, but told her that they couldn’t hear each other to talk. That response led to the decision to have acoustic music this past Saturday. The customer reviews were positive. “I could talk to my friends, no problem,” said one patron.

As I wandered through both East Texas Burger Company and La Waffalata taking pictures and chatting with diners, the live music provided a nice background. It seemed to be infusing the place with an organic energy. The happy cacophony of chatter, music, and silverware was reminiscent of the big family reunions I went to as a kid. There were even some children who drug their mama up front to watch the musician play and bob along to the music.

Musician Heather Little brought her lifetime love of singing to the crowd. It was easy to see she was just enjoying sharing music with anyone who was there. I got a chance to visit with her about her musical past after her performance. “I would hum and sing to myself all the time,” she recounts. When people would ask her what song they’d just heard she had no idea. She didn’t even realize she’d been singing. “It’s like I left the radio on in my head.” Heather can’t remember a time that she didn’t sing. She shared the two things she heard the most as a young girl: sing in your own voice, and no singing at the table. With diverse likes in music ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Janis Joplin to Joni Mitchell, Heather had a tendency to mimic the sounds of the artists. Her parents’ encouragement helped her to into her own as a songwriter and performer.

You’ll have an opportunity to hear Heather Little for yourself next Saturday beginning at noon at East Texas Burger Company. Owner Debbie Davis invites you to come help them tweak the program with your feedback. “We’re doing this for the community,” she says, “so we want to know what they think.”

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