Missing City Money Found – Spent on Crimefighting Tool

Originally posted on April 1, 2016 @ 12:01 am

After an exhaustive audit of city records, Mineola officials have found the missing revenue we reported on back in January. A city official is quoted as saying, “We are glad to have the books straight, and it is just in time to pay for our new crime fighting tool.”

Mineola Texas

The city of Mineola now has a new traffic helicopter.

The city of Mineola has purchased a police helicopter to help with traffic and searches for criminals and missing persons. Approved unanimously by the city council, officials say that the new helicopter will provide much-needed help in managing the city’s growing traffic issues. “Once we got Commerce Street re-paved, the need for management of traffic, especially at rush hour, dictated that we police the town from the sky,” a city official was quoted as saying.

Cost of the new helicopter was $1.27 million, the exact amount that was missing from the city’s books.

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