Mineola Memorial Library Begins Afterschool Program

Originally posted on September 11, 2013 @ 4:12 pm

Mineola Memorial Library logoMineola Memorial Library Director Mary Hurley started another year of the library’s afterschool program yesterday afternoon. The program, affectionately dubbed the Afterschool Gang, is held every Tuesday afternoon from 4:00 – 4:30 pm in the Meredith Room of the library. Students from kindergarten to fifth grade are welcome to join the fun while their caretakers enjoy the library.

During the first six weeks of the program this year, the kids will learn about the moon through activities, books, and experiments. This week’s activity involved the children writing facts on notepaper and adding them to posters of what they did or did not know about the moon. The group then discussed how they knew the facts they were certain of, and how they might learn the things that they didn’t know, like the weight and diameter of the moon. Next week’s activity will involve models and a fun cleaning method. The details of the cleaning method are strictly classified – you have to come find out for yourself!

Mrs. Hurley was the Children’s Librarian at Mineola Memorial Library before she became the Director last July when Suzanne Moore left. She brought her passion into her new position. Mary hopes to instill a love of reading and learning into Mineola’s children. She also hopes to help them realize that the library continues to be a relevant, viable option for information as they proceed through school and life.

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