Mineola League of the Arts Hosts “Sampler Week”

Originally posted on August 24, 2013 @ 10:30 am

MLOTA logoDuring the last week, the Mineola League of the Arts hosted a “sampler week” to give the community opportunities to experience the League firsthand. I had the privilege of visiting several of the 17 sessions, both as a visitor and as a student. Sessions included quilting a hot pad, making a pillowcase, beading a bracelet, dyeing a silk scarf, and making pierced Christmas cards. There were also sculpture, photography, charcoal, encaustic painting, and pastel classes to attend.

There are six guilds currently at the League: fiber craft, line dance, quilt, painters, photography, and sculpture. Membership is open to anyone interested in the League’s purpose that completes a membership form and pays the annual dues, which range from $25 for an individual to $500 for a Benefactor. League members can join as many guilds as they wish. Contact the League for more information, or visit one of the meetings listed below.

Fiber Craft Guild – Vera Fingerle, Coordinator
Monthly Meeting – 4th Thursday of each month at 10:00am
Workday – 2nd Thursday at 10:00am
Rug Hooking Class – 1st & 3rd Thursday at 10:00am
Beading – Every Wednesday at 10:00am
Spinning / Weaving – Every Wednesday at 1:00pm
Crochet / Knit – Every Thursday at 1:00pm
Temari Ball Class – Every 4th Thursday at 10:00am

Line Dance Guild – Barbara Rhodes, Dance Instructor; Sandy Griffin, Coordinator
Monthly meeting – 1st Friday of each month
Tuesday – 8:30am – Beginning Line Dance
Tuesday – 9:30am – Line Dance
Friday – 9:30am
Cost is $3.00 and is to be paid at the beginning of each class.

Painters Guild – Ricky Niell, Coordinator
Monthly meeting & Demo – 4th Monday of each month at 2:00pm
Workday – Every Wednesday at 10:00am

Photography Guild – Patsy Sharp, Coordinator
Monthly meeting – 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm

Quilt Guild – Nancy Gibson and Debbie Hall, Guild Coordinators
Monthly meeting & Demo – 1st Thursday of each month at 10:00am
Workday – Every 1st & 3rd Thursday at 10:00am
2nd Thursday is Service project day.

Sculpture Guild – Sheila Wyze, Coordinator
Monthly meeting – 1st Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm
Workday – Tuesdays at 1:00pm (except 2nd Tuesday of the month)

Mineola League of the Arts
200 West Blair Street
Mineola, Texas 75773


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