Mercy Rushing Returning to Mineola as Economic Development Coordinator

Originally posted on August 26, 2013 @ 12:19 pm

Mercy Rushing

Mercy Rushing arrives at the grand opening of the Mineola Historical Museum

At the City Council workshop on 8-22, before the regular workshop, the council met in executive session to discuss a personnel issue. Upon coming out of the closed-door session, as soon as the regular meeting was called to order, a motion was made by Adlerwoman Sue Jones for the city to create a new position of Economic Development Coordinator. This would be an Asst. Administrator level job within the city.

After the meeting, I asked Mayor Ken Pearce about the position and when it would be posted etc. His reply was that the city had someone in mind for this position.

As it ends up, we are getting Mercy Rushing back. We lost her to Canton years back. She served as Mineola’s Community Development coordinator and did a fantastic job in that position. Mercy  has an energy and a go-get-’em attitude about her that is infectious and led to her having a very successful run as CED for Mineola.

For the past several years, the job of Economic Development Coordinator has been a volunteer position or handled by different members of city administration. We have had some success here, but we have lacked the person with the knowledge, energy and positive attitude to get out there and get people to move their businesses to Mineola and create jobs in our town.

Now we have that person. Mercy Rushing has done great things in Canton while she was there and now Mineola has her back. How all of this came to be is not clear at this point, but it should be known that our city administrators have scored a home run for the city of Mineola in getting Mercy back on our team.

Congratulations to all involved on a job well done!

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