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Originally posted on July 30, 2012 @ 2:00 pm

Budweiser loves Mineola, Texas. I have it on pretty good authority that Bud loves all of Texas, but we know they love Mineola because they donated a really nice leather racing jacket for our Dog Days of Summer promotion. This is the final prize in this summer’s promotion.

Budweiser Loves Mineola, Texas

Budweiser Loves Mineola, Texas

Budweiser is a sponsor of the Mineola Gypsy Market and has created jobs in Mineola. They have  become a responsible, productive member of our community. The nice folks at R&K Distributors in Longview are Mineola’s Budweiser distributor and they cannot be more helpful and willing to participate in Mineola than they have been.

A huge THANK YOU to Budweiser, The King of Beers, for their participation in our summer promotion.

We’re going to mix it up a little bit on the last prize. Sometime after 6 AM, but before midnight on July 31, 2012, you will see a post on our Facebook page that says simply, “Post your valid number here to win the Bud jacket.” That is all the message will say. The first person to post a valid number than has not already been declared a winning number in the comments below that Facebook post will win the jacket. You must post the number as a comment on that Facebook post and it must be a valid number from one of the previously-distributed Mineola Buzz bumper stickers. The first person to post a valid number wins…it’s that simple. You’ll either need to monitor our Facebook page as much as possible on July 31 or you’ll need to be lucky, but someone will win this jacket on that day.

Only me and my dog know the time that this number will be posted. I’m not speaking about it and he is very shy.

The jacket is a size Large. No other sizes are available.

Budweiser Leather Racing Jacket from R & K Distributors

Budweiser Leather Racing Jacket from R & K Distributors


Thank you ALL for participating in our fun little summertime promotion. This promotion was done to help promote awareness of the participating Mineola are merchants as well as to promote awareness of MineolaBuzz.com. Your support is humbling as Mineola Buzz continues to grow, as does the town it supports.

Stay tuned for more big things from Mineola Buzz. Together we’ll move Mineola forward!

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