It’s a GoldBug… or a VolksWing

Originally posted on July 12, 2013 @ 5:18 pm

Volkswagen - Honda Goldwing Trike

We got a photo of this vehicle in today’s McFarland-Mineola Reunion parade. I just happened to see these guys on my way home and had to stop and chat.

Meet A.J. Jones of Tyler and his friend, Dee Frater of DeSoto. Frater is, as he put it, an original Yellow Jacket. These two guys were really nice to chat with and Jones’ vehicle is the fusion of a Honda Goldwing and a VW Beetle. It uses the VW drive train with the Honda front end for driving and steering. When I asked him, jokingly, if this was the result of a bad dream, he laughed and answered, “Yes.” Whatever it is, however it came to be, it’s creative and these guys were more than happy to show it off a little bit.

Thanks for the photo.

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