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Originally posted on March 7, 2012 @ 5:18 pm

After much effort in design and creation, the Local Coupon module on is live. Mineola area merchants can create an account and post coupons that customers can print and redeem in their stores. This is a FREE service to customers and merchants alike.

In the past few years the use of coupons to stretch household budgets has grown immensely. Large companies like Groupon are cashing in on this market and connecting merchants with new customers each day. We realized the need for this even in small towns. Since small-town merchants don’t have the budget to advertise on the big national sites, we developed this Local Coupon section and have made it a part of our site. We do not charge merchants to post coupons and we never will. This is and will remain a free service for the merchants of Mineola to use.

Over the past few years, Mineola Buzz has become more and more popular. Today we are getting about 1.4x the population of Mineola in unique visitors to our web site every month. About 40% of these visitors are from the DFW area, Tyler, Longview and other surrounding towns and cities. This is a perfect way to market to these people visiting our town without spending a lot of money. The only money you spend is the redemption of the coupon you offer. We think that’s a more than fair deal.

We are open to suggestions and ideas regarding the Local Coupon section. Feel free to leave comments here or on our Facebook page regarding this.


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