Hummingbird Success – Is it Feeder or Location?

Originally posted on May 20, 2015 @ 10:50 am


I love hummingbirds (those giant bees I ran from in terror as a child)! Their arrival heralds the beginning of spring, my favorite time of the year. 
We field many questions about hummingbird feeders this time of year – which feeder? where to hang a feeder? nectar – homemade or commercial? Let’s talk about feeders…
1 – Which Feeder? Jay and I have 5 different feeder styles @ home (we make every effort to test all feeders we sell so we can offer pros and cons). I experimented last year to see if success is based on feeder style or location. Hands down, it is location at our house! The feeders are hanging from the soffit in front of windows so we can easily enjoy them. For years, the kitchen window location was the winner but that changed and now there is another window that is by far the most popular location. SO, every week when I changed the nectar, I put a different feeder in that location and regardless of which feeder was there, that location was the first one to be emptied – the same still holds true this year!
The moral of this story is – if you’re not seeing the volume of birds you have previously experienced, move things around. Don’t be afraid of change!

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