Help Mineola Keep our Sales Taxes Local

Originally posted on September 1, 2010 @ 7:57 am

There is an initiative afoot that will be a real boon to the city of Mineola. It would allow stores in the Mineola city limits to sell beer and wine and allow restaurants to have a full bar. The initiative has been filed with the state and will soon be available for those in support to sign the petition to bring it to a vote.

Our city loses lots of tax dollars due to our inability to serve the public. People will drink beer and wine, so why keep on allowing other communities to extract tax dollars from Mineola that we need?

Keep an eye open for this petition at local grocery and department stores over the coming few months. If you are in support, sign it and be sure to vote for it when it does make the ballot.

Read the full copy of talking points for this initiative.

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