Golden Homestead Art Gallery

Originally posted on July 29, 2013 @ 2:43 pm

Golden Homestead

The last Chamber mixer was held at the Golden Homestead art gallery. Owner Cathy Pegues is the artist that will provide an original oil painting for the winner of the APET Pet Photo Contest. She graciously accepted a visit so I could help you get to know your potential artist.

Cathy is a third-generation artist and Golden girl. Her family moved to the area in the 1880s and has maintained property there since then. She remembers her grandmother as a builder. Her parents are fiber artists through every step of the process, from shearing sheep and spinning wool to building looms, weaving, and felting. Both of them teach classes at the gallery. Cathy primarily paints, but also loves to build things using “junk” and restoring the old building that she and her husband began working on two years ago. Her husband Tony creates in the kitchen, and her elder daughter runs a gallery in Fredericksburg. Cathy’s cousin Karen Musgraves also contributes paintings to the gallery.

The Golden Homestead hosts classes in a variety of arts for students of all ages, including painting, spinning, felting, and weaving. The gallery is also available for events. When you visit, be sure to go outside and wander barefoot in the grass while you listen to the Wailing Windmill – legend has it that noisy windmills keep away evil spirits.


The Golden Homestead
Golden, Texas

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