GeoCaching. Are You Doing It?

Originally posted on June 5, 2009 @ 9:59 pm

Geocaching ( seems to be pretty hot these days. What is it? Well, it’s a high tech game of hide and seek. You log on to the web site and find caches in your area and their GPS coordinates then head out to find them.

So what do you find? Mostly a log of some kind that you sign and then go back and mark that as a found cache on the web site. There is even an iPhone and a Blackberry app for Geo Caching. 

You can set your own caches for others to find and you can seek out caches that others have set. It’s just a fun activity for young and old alike and from what I see, it can turn a grown man into an addict in a short time.

As an editorial comment, I will say that it appears that the web has finally morphed into generating an activity that actually gets people away from their computers and out doing something. It looks like fun. Check it out.

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