David vs. Goliath: Grassroots Candidate Challenging GOP Establishment (Press release)

Originally posted on August 2, 2013 @ 6:04 pm

Brandon "B.R." Reese

Brandon “B.R.” Reese

Terrell, TX August 1, 2013
Brandon “BR” Reese, a working class family man from Mesquite, has established himself as a formidable Republican candidate for the Fifth District of the State of Texas, in the United States House of Representatives. He will be opposing long time incumbent Rep. Jeb Hensarling, whose “Big Bank” funded luxurious ski vacation this past spring has raised the eyebrows of politicos and pundits all across the country.
“It is time the citizens of Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Forney, Terrell, Kaufman, Canton, Athens, Mineola, Palestine, Kemp, and the small towns and rural areas that surround them were represented by someone who not only understands the plight of the middle class in this district, but lives it on a daily basis”, said Brandon, who answers to the nickname “BR”. “While President Obama and his administration bear the brunt of the responsibility for a weakened middle class, our congressman has done nothing to help us, instead focusing his efforts solely on his biggest campaign and PAC donors: financial institutions.”
Mr. Reese is a member of the Rockwall and Brin Church of Christ in Terrell, TX. He has been married to his wife Leslie for twelve years and has been a retail sales associate nearly the entire time. He graduated from West Mesquite High School where he played basketball, baseball, golf and competed in academic competitions , making it to the state competitions in various mathematical and marketing categories. Brandon currently enjoys being the assistant coach for his eldest daughter’s volleyball team, and teaching his youngest two daughters the fundamentals of softball. He describes his political philosophy as “Common Sense Conservatism” with an eye towards “Maximizing Liberty”, and “Easing the Ascent up the Economic Ladder for Every American”.
“Unfortunately conservatism has been hijacked by corporatism, and free-market principles have been perverted with crony-capitalism. It is time for the Republican party to stop asking middle class voters with conservative moral values to vote against their best fiscal interests. Our veterans return home to a mile of red tape and an encyclopedia of paperwork just to get the care we owe them. The families of the victims of Nadal Hassan remain improperly compensated for their sacrifice and the heroes of that dreadful day remain undecorated for their efforts. Gasoline is reaching record prices, our fourth amendment rights are being molested, and the middle class is struggling to make ends meet. Our congressman has done nothing legislatively for the veterans, he has done nothing legislatively for the Fort Hood victims, he has done nothing to help curb gas prices, he voted against amendments that would protect our fourth amendment rights (even while other Republicans voted for it), and instead of EASING the ascent up the economic ladder for the middle class, he proposes legislation that both eliminates the fastest way for the middle class to obtain wealth (the FHA loan), and serves as little more than a “money grab” for the constituents he actually works for: Big Banks. I will propose and support performance based pay for congressman based on metrics that strengthen the middle class, term limits for the legislative branch, reallocation of spending to rush our veterans the care they need and have earned, a change in the food stamp program that leads to lower costs and healthier meals for those who need help, and ultimately a reformed tax code that is easy to understand, easy to follow, and cuts taxes for the middle class.”
To schedule interviews: BRReeseforCongress@yahoo.com
To learn more: facebook.com/BrandonBRReeseforCongress
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