Complete Audio Transcript of Monday’s Mayoral Forum

Originally posted on May 1, 2013 @ 10:26 am

Here is a full audio version of Monday’s mayoral forum at St. Paul MBC. The event was hosted by Pastor Demethruis Boyd.

Before you get started, at 4:18 the mayor states that he asked Pastor Boyd to “do this”, meaning to have this forum. It needs to be stated that Pastor Boyd and candidate Ken Pearce put this forum together. According to an email I have from Pastor Boyd,  Mayor Bo Whitus, even though he tries to take credit, apparently had nothing to do with the creation of this forum.

Regarding  the windmill mentioned at 47:46, there is a lot more to that story than what he tells the crowd. Mayor Whitus says he got a $30,000 windmill for $2,000.  I spoke with David Stevenson about this and much other work was done with this $30k. The grant was not for a $30,000 windmill, it was for a litany of other things as well. I also communicated with SWEPCO about this. Here is their statement:

The AEP Foundation provided $30,000 to assist in the construction of a 10-acre pond, purchase of the windmill that will be used to supply water to the pond from a water well, and construction of a fishing pier, equestrian/walking trails and picnic tables. We did know that the mayor found a great deal on the windmill, and we also knew that the remainder of the funds were used to help complete the areas outlined in our agreement.

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