City Council Retreat Scheduled

Originally posted on June 8, 2013 @ 8:15 am

The Mineola City Council has a retreat planned for Saturday, June 15th at 9 AM in the council chamber. A retreat is where each of the department heads of the city come before the council with their priorities and ideas they would like to implement in their department. Each council member will also have their own opportunity to “pitch” their own ideas. The council then takes that all under advisement and sets a master list of priorities for the city to work toward accomplishing.

If you are someone who has an idea about how things should work in your city, this is a great opportunity to contact your alderman and communicate your vision to them. These people are there to serve the people and they welcome your suggestions or ideas.

To contact your alderman, use this link.

The public is welcome to attend the retreat, but this is not an open forum. If you have something to say, you need to contact your alderman before the retreat.

It will be interesting to hear the ideas tossed around by the department heads and the council members themselves.

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