City Council Retreat Highlights

Originally posted on June 17, 2013 @ 6:05 am

Mineola City Council Members and Department Heads

Mineola City Council Members and Department Heads

The city council held a special retreat Saturday with city department heads. Discussion of opportunities for the city topped the agenda. The overwhelming consensus seemed to be that development of the downtown area and the city’s parks would bring the most benefit to the city.

The discussion quickly turned to the apparent apathy from the community concerning city government. The public was invited to attend the retreat, but there were no members of the general public present. Questions as to the community’s understanding of what the city council actually does for them and how to disseminate information from the council were deliberated. Public access broadcast, newspaper columns, and information shared on water bills were some ideas bounced around to address the issue.

The key downtown development idea focused on increasing sales tax revenue by attracting more retail and professional businesses to the district, since they provide over forty percent of the city’s budget funds. There was also mention of expanding the business presence along Broad Street, in the area surrounding the coming Jalapeño Tree restaurant. Public transportation was considered as a way to link the downtown development to the parks development. Parks development concentrated heavily on the Nature Preserve and the draw it brings to the city. Events, activities, and public transportation between the Preserve and the downtown area were discussed.

Sound off and let us know what you think would increase the community’s understanding of and interest in the city council, and what opportunities and developments would best benefit our city.

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