Changes on the Mineola City Council

Originally posted on March 10, 2012 @ 9:46 pm

Last Monday, March 5th, was the final day to register to run for one of the Mineola City Council seats that will be up for re-election in May of this year. John Storace, representative of Ward 1, did not run for re-election. The only person to register and qualify to run for this seat was Sue Jones of Mineola. Sue and her husband own English House B&B in Mineola. Sue has been active with the Mineola Chamber and other organizations for several years.

Later last week, Councilman Storace resigned his seat. The council has the option of appointing Jones so she can take the position early. To the best of my knowledge, this decision has not been made at this time.

Mr. Storace was active most recently on the Buzz and in City  Council chambers in his vocal opposition to the EZ Mart/parking lot petition and his disapproval of the idea that it was a ruse.

It’s a little anti-climactic that there won’t be a heated election for Ward 1, but we got a good new representative out of the deal.

Best of luck in your new position, Sue Jones.


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