Be Careful Where You Get Your Prescriptions Filled

Originally posted on August 16, 2010 @ 1:22 pm

Back in January of this year I got a prescription filled at Wal Mart. It was $50.78. A little curiosity and a few phone calls produced a surprise when I found the identical drug, dosage and quantity at Kelly Drug in Mineola for $10. Upon contacting Wal Mart, I was told to go to Kelly Drug, get it in writing and bring that to Wal Mart. At that point they would match the price. I didn’t do that. I consider it ridiculous for them to demand that of a customer in order to get a fair price.
Fast forward to 7 months later when a different prescription at Wal Mart that costs $26 and change costs $17 and change at Kelly Drug.
Wal Mart spends billions of ad dollars conditioning people to think that they have the lowest price when they indeed do not. In my experiences it isn’t even close.
For what it’s worth, I have no affiliation with either of the two pharmacies mentioned and am not endorsing a particular pharmacy, but instead giving objective information on prices.
In a phone call to the Wal Mart pharmacy asking for the pharmacy manager, I was told they do not have one.
Again I will not jump through Wal Mart’s hoops to get the price I should have, but I learned a lesson here. Never again Wal Mart pharmacy!

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