And Here Comes the Post-election Rhetoric

Originally posted on May 31, 2011 @ 8:24 pm

The 6-1-2011 edition of the Mineola Monitor is worth the 50 cents it costs just to read Kenneth Teo’s letter to the editor.

Please pardon my cynical nature, but how much more dramatic can a letter be? Really? May 14, 2011 is the saddest day in Mineola’s history? Even sadder than school officials going to jail for improper relations with students? Really?

Oh, one more thing, Mr. Teo. That dark cloud you refer to in your letter, that is more commonly known as nighttime. The sun came up on May 15th and it has every day since. We even made it through the end of the world that was supposed to happen on May 21.

Want to see sad? What happened to Joplin, Missouri is sad. What happened to Tuscaloosa, Alabama is sad. With all due respect, what happened in Mineola on May 14th, sir, is progress!

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