An Objective Look at the 2010 Texas Gubernatorial Candidates

Originally posted on January 16, 2010 @ 1:20 pm

This is not an article in support of or against any Gubernatorial candidate. The purpose of this is to elicit information on the candidates in this election. I have not participated in a Texas Gubernatorial election since I have only lived here for a few years, so this is more of a fact-finding mission for me.
Feel free to add anything you wish, but let’s not make this a campaign spot.

As of 1/14/2010, the candidates are:

  • Rick Perry (R) – incumbent
  • Felix Alvarado (D)
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison
  • Debra Medina (R)
  • Farouk Shami (D)
  • Bill White (D)

I have taken 5 minutes to look at the web site of each candidate and below are my cursory findings. I limited this to 5 minutes each and I will go in the order that the candidates are listed above, which is the incumbent first, then the rest in alphabetical order by last name. I am not getting so deep in the issues as I am in the candidate’s ability to communicate ideas, goals and their execution plan to attain such goals.

Rick Perry
First off, his web site is in the style of a blog, which makes it hard to read his stand on issues without weeding through debate information and other posts irrelevant to the information I am seeking. He is apparently proud of his new commercial that boasts of him vetoing $3 billion in spending. Some spending is necessary. What was this $3 billion he vetoed? Was it for roads and schools or was it for things we can do without?
I click the “Health Care” link and 2/3 of the page shows individuals and groups who have endorsed the governor for re-election. This shows me a lack of ability to concentrate on an issue and being focused more on getting re-elected. If I write a paper for my 10th grade English class on Alaskan Sled Dogs and 2/3 of that paper is about how beautiful the mountains of Alaska are, I expect a very low grade on that paper.
This web site is not searchable.

Felix Alvaredo
My first impression is that I see a list of issues, and a definition of the problem and short and long-range solutions to most issues. As an online marketing person, I would suggest that he lose the PDF format and do this in HTML, but that’s not really relevant to my purpose here.
This candidate is retired from the military and is a teacher, both are pluses in my book.
A HUGE mark against this candidate is that the word “Calendar” is misused all over his web site. This makes me wonder of his ability to hire competent people. While it is not an incorrect word, a calender and a calendar are two completely different things. Am I nit-picky? You bet I am!
This site is not searchable.

Kay Bailey Hutchison
Upon entering her site, I see a huge negative ‘Anti Trans-Texas Corridor” ad. This candidate is, again, more interested in telling us who to elect than telling us why we should elect her. On taxes and the economy, from the ‘Issues’ page, we get two sentences telling us how it should be with no plan of action whatsoever. Where’s the beef??
This candidate’s “Join”, “Connect” and “Contribute” sections take up all of the valuable real estate on her web site, again making me question her motives.
No mention of health care on her web site that I can see. No search box!! This is getting annoying.

Debra Medina
This is the best laid-out site so far.
Two sentences on Healthcare. We need to eliminate state mandates and have only free market healthcare. Would that be eliminating state mandates like proper disposal of used needles etc. or does that mean something else. Again, government plays a role in making sure we do not contract HIV when we go to a hospital. Does that role need to go away? More information please!
“I will make addressing illegal immigration and promoting sovereignty a top priority.” How?? Please tell us!
This web site also lacks a search box. Why?

Farouk Shami
The lack of a searchable web site for these candidates is starting to urk me. Why would they not allow voters to stop in on their site and search for a key word or phrase?
This candidate gives a decent explanation of the problems facing Texas, but again fails to show any details of execution of his plan(s) to remedy these problems.
His web site does seem positive and less of a guide telling me what to do, but it lacks they ‘why to do it’ part.
The fact that this candidate must dedicate a page to explain his religious beliefs is sad, but I suppose it is a sign of the times.

Bill White
The former Houston mayor, this candidate offers the best action plan so far on Healthcare and other issues. Even though it is not up to what I think should be posted, it is more than any two of the candidates above combined.
A headline on the “Bill In the News” tab on the home page reads “The Texas governor’s race: White v right” YIKES!! Careful here big boy. I know what you mean, but this is a possible short-fused bomb that can cause you lots of problems. Perhaps this is a lack of ability to keep from causing himself big problems, even if it is only a matter of interpretation.

So…what did I get out of this nearly hour-long exercise? I got one thing for sure. ALL of these candidates want us to read only what they want us to read. It seems that none of them are willing to let us cut straight to the meat of their beliefs and claims without having to sort through election rhetoric and babble.

This has not really helped me much at all, so I will now hope that I get some real feedback on this effort and not just a bunch of accusations or party-line rhetoric.

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