A Truly Unique Gift Idea – Your Photo Turned Into a Jigsaw Puzzle

Originally posted on November 17, 2010 @ 4:41 pm

From time to time I run across something that I think is really, really cool. We have all tried to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything, but one can only have so many scarves, belts, books and bottles of perfume or aftershave lotion.

PortraitPuzzles.com has the answer. Take a photo of the kids, the pets, the family home or whatever subject you wish to photograph and PortraitPuzzles.com will turn it into a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. They offer puzzles that range from being suited for kids, with 30 pieces, to puzzles that it might take a year to assemble with 1500 pieces. No matter what you choose as your photograph, PortraitPuzzles.com will make a quality puzzle out of it.

This also makes a great gift for a business to give clients. Have a family spend time assembling your brand on their kitchen table. Think about it!

A 252 piece puzzle priced at $27.99. So it’s affordable.

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