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Originally posted on July 30, 2012 @ 11:00 am

If you haven’t been by to meet Rob Carter and his crew at The Ponderosa, make a point to get by there. The store is stocked well with guns, ammo, hardware, scopes, sites and lots of other things from slingshots to sledge hammers.

The Ponderosa - Buy - Sell - Trade -- Mineola Texas. (903) 569-CASH

The Ponderosa - Buy - Sell - Trade -- Mineola Texas. (903) 569-CASH

The Ponderosa is on US 80 as you drive through Mineola. They are also interested in buying guns, jewelry, gold and silver and most anything else of value.

Much thanks to The Ponderosa for their support of our promotion this summer. Get by there and see what they have for you. It’s a great “Man Store”, but they welcome all.

If the number from the back of your bumper sticker ends in 169, you are $150 closer to buying any gun you want from The Ponderosa. With their competitive prices, this will make a huge dent on the purchase of a new gun. To claim your prize, just go see Rob Carter at The Ponderosa and show him the backing from the bumper sticker with the full number on it.

Thank you to The Ponderosa for your generous prizes to the readers of Mineola Buzz.

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