Welcome to Mineola Buzz!

Mineola’s first and only fully interactive public media outlet. You can find information on what’s going on in and around Mineola or you can tell others what is going on in and around town. Creating an account is free and easy, then you will have full use of the web site. 

Our mission is to facilitate a free and open exchange of information regarding our town of Mineola, Texas in an informational and consistently-respectful manner. We encourage interaction regarding matters of news, entertainment, local politics, local government, local business or really any other topic pertinent to Mineola or our area of East Texas. Of course, any obscene, illegal or otherwise inappropriate content is subject to removal. We at Mineola Buzz have no agenda. We live here too and just wanted to create a home base for Mineola online.

Individuals, businesses, clubs, associations, government agencies or anyone else may use this web site.

The Buzz will feature polls for many topics relevant to our area. 

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.