In the Kitchen – Cooking with Chef Rich

Episode One – Chicken Parmesan 

Chef Rich makes a delicious Chicken Parmesan dish and serves it on sandwiches as well as with pasta. 


Welcome to In the Kitchen with Chef Rich. This is a continuing series where we will be preparing delicious dishes for you. Our hope is that we will either help or encourage you to get in the kitchen and let your creativity flow.

Chef Rich has been cooking for 30+ years and is currently a Chef in Mineola, TX.

Lots of care is taken during cooking to maintain sanitary conditions and to produce the highest quality dish possible given our budget and time constraints. 

The shows are in segments of about 8 minutes each, but no more than 10 minutes per segment. 

If you would like to be present during taping of the show, use our contact form to contact us and let us know. 

Thank you for watching. All comments are appreciated.