The Heroes of 6/30/2013


For the most part, I try to keep things on Mineola Buzz centered around our town and the things that affect Mineola and the surrounding area. Sometimes that isn’t easy to do with so much happening on the national front, but my conviction is to keep this site local.

That being said, just as you have, I have been wrestling with emotions regarding the stories I heard about 19 firemen losing their lives, all at once, in Prescott Arizona.

If I’m putting this here just to make myself feel better, please forgive me. If it helps you feel better, then that’s wonderful. I just feel like we need some kind of tribute, even if a modest one, to those who lost their lives while on the quest to save others and also to those who serve to protect us each and every day.

We can’t bring these 19 lost firefighters back. As a people, all we can do is reach out to the ones we have and support them.

Sometimes to watch the unthinkable happen from afar gives us feelings of guilt. Hopefully, we take something more important away from this, something like a little extra compassion, understanding and appreciation for those whom we so often take for granted.

Scott Hazard

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1 comment for “The Heroes of 6/30/2013

  1. John Pellegrini
    July 2, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    Thank you for this tribute Scott. First responders like these were are the ones who make our lives safer every day. We owe them so much

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