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Solar Kit for Your Shed

Solar Kit for Your Shed

With every day that goes by, technology for alternative energy sources gets better and better. The larger this market gets, the more affordable solar power becomes. is a great resource to learn about solar energy and a great place to purchase solar power equipment for your use. Today we are going to take a look at a simple, affordable lighting solution for your shed or workshop. This Solectric Shed Pak will keep your shed lit and even comes with a sealed battery to store the power for nighttime use or use on cloudy days.

Everything you need is included and the helpful folks at GoGreenSolar will ship it right to your door.

Cost for this complete kit is only $299, far less than the cost of running power to your shed for lighting. You may even qualify for a 30% tax credit on the purchase of your solar power equipment.

Visit our friends at and you will see that they have a solution for all of your solar power needs, large or small.


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