Rains County Sheriff’s Department Investigates Burglary, Shoots Victim’s Dog Instead

Rains County Officer Called Out for Burglary, Shoots Victim's Dog Instead

Rains County Officer called out for burglary, shoots victim’s dog instead

We need not write a long article here. All we need to do is ask you to watch the video and let you know that a call to the Rains County Sheriff’s Office resulted in being told that the Texas Rangers are investigating and that nobody knows if any action will be taken against the officer involved. Only the Sheriff knows that and we are free to leave a message, and if he has time he will call us back.

We have not spoken to the victim. The information and video posted below are from Facebook.

As a citizen, it is your right to call with questions or to express your opinion.

Based on what you see in the video below, should this officer be fired for shooting this dog?

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Rains County Sheriff’s Office: (903) 473-3181

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3 comments for “Rains County Sheriff’s Department Investigates Burglary, Shoots Victim’s Dog Instead

  1. Judy Fullen
    April 22, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    IMO, this officer did not use judicious decision making in lethally shooting this familiy’s beloved pet and work partner. I recommend that this officer be removed from the force for animal cruelty and abuse of power at the least. Going forward, officers need to receive in the academy or in continuing education a series of courses on different breeds of dogs and their behavior, familiarity with normal dog behavior, assessment and how to proceed. They need to realize that in many cases dogs are beloved family members. They will encounter dogs on their daily calls. IMO, in addition to knowing dog breeds and behavior, they need to review their options, something like what they do with people…a continuum of force…in this case, stay in your vehicle or return to vehicle if afraid of dog, tell family to safely secure dog, use baton, pepper spray, tazer, all other appropriate resources before using the gun, lethal, irrevocable force.

  2. roxie lewers
    April 24, 2014 at 6:56 am

    In my opinion Dooley needs to be fired for his actions. The other officers who defended Dooley needs to be fired.Rains county needs a better sheriff who can make sure that his officers know what there doing and receive the correct training.

  3. Noble Gunnz
    April 26, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Dooley should leave east Texas with his incompetent boss riding shotgun to continue covering his butt. Trooper Hayes should receive the same treatment. There is no room in our society for these disgusting animals.

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