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Originally posted on January 31, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

For the past few years we have seen sites like Myspace and Facebook get huge! Not only are these crazy sites where everything is ‘free’ worth zillions of dollars, but they seem to be having a dramatic effect of our culture. Not American culture or any other regionalized culture, but our culture as a race of people. In nearly every modern country text messages lead to Myspace which leads to Facebook and more. Sound familiar? But it’s true. We are becoming a society that must stay connected for all waking hours. We have Twitter that updates our status on the other sites… and vice versa. 

Now we have Loopt, a new geo-targeted social network ‘tool’ that lets you know when you have friends near you and alerts your friends that you are near. Even when the application is not running on your phone, it updates your position as quoted from Loopt’s terms:

Loopt shows your phone’s current geo-location to Loopt friends (even when the Loopt application is not open)

Is this the next step? In three years will I know the exact geographic location of all my friends and will they know mine? I mean, I’m cool with it but it almost seems like my grade school buddy’s worst paranoid fantasies coming true. We all had that friend in grade school didn’t we? 

I don’t know. At the risk of sounding REALLY old (Andy Rooney-ish) I have to say let’s be careful about how we disseminate our movements through life. I don’t mind telling you what I ate for breakfast or how my day is going or even what’s racing through my mind at any time of the day, but where I get my shoes shined is my business and nobody else’s.

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