Mineola’s New Vapor Store is Really So Much More!

Paradise VaporToday I visited Paradise Vapor in the new Stone Briar Shopping Center.

Paradise Vapor has a great selection of vapor pens, e-juice in custom-blended flavors in their own house blends and also in new premium blends. They have lots of accessories, mods and rebuildables for those who cape and seek to get maximum value from their equipment.

Yeah, it could be said that lots of vapor stores have this stuff. But what Paradise Vapor also has is PIZAZZ! This is a cool place. It is really more of a lounge than anything else. They have a bar you can belly up to, lounge furniture you can relax on or even a pool set you can hang out in, all the while taking in the totally relaxing vibe of the little cape oasis they have created.

This really is a unique place, so get on by there and see it for yourself. You’ll likely end up staying for a while and hanging out like I did.

Paradise Vapor Mineola
344 NW Loop 564 Suite 700
Mineola TX 75773

(903) 638-8507

Open Monday – Saturday: 10 AM – 6:30 PM

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