Mineola’s First Business

In what the book (1976) refers to as “the present Safeway Store,” which is now Jalapeno Tree, the first business in Mineola that was in an actual building stood in 1876. Owned by A.J. Dockery, the business was managed by Bob Graham, who is credited with being the first business in Mineola. Graham sold his wares to the railroad workers who were all here trying to get their tracks done first, so they could get to Mineola first and get control of the terminal.

Graham came to town before Dockery opened his business and quickly sold out of all of his inventory and later went to work for Dockery.

Over the next year or so, new merchants flocked in from all areas of the country to serve the flourishing new town. Several opened businesses around the area of Dockery’s business. After a while, the owner of the land just a few blocks to the west lured many new and existing businesses to the area which is now known as the downtown area of Mineola.

Peter Weaver Industries operated a tannery on the site of the Mineola Country Club. He had large herds of animals including geese. Geese roamed the town of Mineola freely.

Another early business was the Mineola Monitor. Started in 1877, it is still printing newspapers today.

On May 13, 1875, Thomas L. Scruggs was appointed Mineola’s first Postmaster.

The source for all material in this post or in this series is the book “Mineola: the first 100 years.” This book can be found in the Mineola library or online. We are using a digital copy provided by the University of North Texas.   The book contains many citations and credits. For our purposes, we will credit the book with all of the content we publish in this series.

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