Mineola ISD 2013 STAAR Test Results Disappoint

Originally posted on July 31, 2013 @ 6:30 am

Mineola STAAR Data 2013

Mineola STAAR Data 2013 – click for larger view

One of the discussions at the last Mineola ISD board meeting was about the standardized test results for last year. Words like dismal and unacceptable were used by board members to describe some of the results. There were a few “bright spots,” as superintendent Dr. John Fuller put it, but the scores were disappointing when considered broadly.

The most encouraging result was found in seventh grade writing. Mineola students enjoyed a standing seven points above state average. Seventh grade math and fifth grade science were six points above average. The district scored four points above the state average for eighth grade, but with an impressive 100% of the eighth-grade Algebra I students passing the exam.

Unfortunately, only chemistry and writing met the state average for the high school. The other eight scores were below state average, with gaps ranging from three to 26 percentage points below average. New high school principal David Sauer had already met with the high school history teachers to begin reviewing scope, sequence, and curriculum plans so that benchmarks and accountability can be established.

Dr. Fuller expressed disappointment over the high school social studies scores, stating “there’s no excuse for this.” The superintendent looks forward to being a premier district, being at or above the top 70th percentile of the state results. Looking at the science scores as a precedent, he believes the district standing can improve five to six percent in one year. While some areas would look much better inside of a year, he acknowledged that some areas will have to be taken in stages.

The presence of all four campus principals at the board meeting gave encouragement to Fuller and the board members that this coming school year will see a definitive upturn in the district’s results. Fuller observed that last summer at his first board meeting, there were no principals present, and they hadn’t been attending board meetings. He commended the leaders’ commitment to participation and improvement.

Do you believe the low STAAR scores are the result of a curriculum issue, a teacher issue, or a combination?

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