Mineola Handles the Upcoming Local Option Election Proactively

Last week, the city of Mineola adopted the codes that will apply to beer and wine sales if the local option election in May passes.
The city is taking the necessary steps to keep Mineola from becoming a “strip” of beer stores. Other towns, like Emory, that now enjoy the added tax revenues from passing a local option, have taken similar measures with their codes. Such measures have led to towns like Mineola being able to add the tax revenue associated with beer and wine sales without sacrificing the quality of life in the town.
Just because your town allows beer and wine sales does not mean it has to become a haven for unsightly beer barns and the city of Mineola has taken the steps to keep that from happening to our town.

In today’s economy, keeping the tax dollars associated with beer and wine sales in Mineola really makes sense. The city government has done their homework on this matter. Kudos to them.

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