Mineola EZ Mart Getting a Complete Facelift

Mineola EZ Mart Renovations

Mineola EZ Mart Undergoes Complete Renovations

Update – 10-29-2012
From E-Z Mart Home Office

We are progressing with the planned upgrades for the Mineola E-Z Mart and excited to see the results coming together.  The upgrades include new fuel tanks and dispensers, construction of fuel island canopy including enhanced lighting, expanded parking and signage all on the exterior of the location.  Inside the store there will be new flooring, shelving, lighting, remodeled restrooms plus new fountain drink, ice and other equipment to better serve our customers.  Replacing the floor will require the store be closed temporarily.  We anticipate this to begin within the next week and last for approximately seven days.  We regret the inconvenience but it is necessary to truly improve the location and execute our motto of Making Life EZR 4 U!


The management of EZ Mart are living up to their end of the deal that resulted in them getting the extension of their lease at the current location. Mineola Mayor Bo Whitus and a small group of business people actually wanted to level the store on Mineola’s busiest corner and build a parking lot. The Mineola City Council thought better of that, and put an end to that idea with a unanimous vote to renew EZ Mart’s lease agreement.

We spoke with EZ Mart’s corporate office back in the summer and they mentioned this would be done this fall. We have contacted them asking for details of the upgrade and are still awaiting a reply.

The obvious thing is that they are getting all new gas pumps and tanks. But the store is also being remodeled on the inside.

The store remains open throughout the renovations. Mineola EZ Mart serves the people of Mineola well. Soon it will all be fresh, clean and shiny. We encourage you to stop by and shop with them even as their store is in the throws of renovation.

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1 comment for “Mineola EZ Mart Getting a Complete Facelift

  1. JM
    October 29, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    Thanks for the updates. Your site just gets better and better. You tell us about stuff we all want to know about but the other local news organizations consistantly ignore in favor of relentless church social news and anything they can uncover by phone from their desks. I like knowing whats going on with local businesses, other news outlets in town won’t tell us anything about businesses unless the business buys ads. The old guard in town keeps everybody pretty much out of the loop. Its time for a younger crowd to take over and bring more business to this town. You are one of our new leaders! Keep it up! Thanks.

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