Mineola Citizen of the Month – July 2012 – Beverly Tabor

July 5, 2012

People are passionate about different things. People take their passions to varying levels. This month, one person’s passion has landed her in the spotlight as Mineola Citizen of the Month.

Angela Webb, manager of East Texas Burger Company, presents Beverly Tabor with the July, 2012 Mineola Citizen of the Month award.

Beverly Tabor, a retired school teacher, is passionate about gardening. She spends her days in her yard. When she is not working in her own yard, she is working in the old rose garden in Mineola. Beverly took over the rose garden when it was abandoned after the experiments were complete. Beverly spends many hours working in this garden. She spends her own money working in this garden. It is a beautiful spot in Mineola mostly because one person cared enough to make it a beautiful spot. To that end, we are proud to honor Beverly Tabor as Mineola Citizen of the Month for July, 2012.

Thank you, Beverly, for your contributions in making our town beautiful.

Beverly Tabor in front of Mineola's Rose Garden.

Beverly Tabor in front of Mineola's Rose Garden.

Each month we award the Citizen of the Month title to someone who is deserving. The winner receives a $25 gift certificate to East Texas Burger Company, two movie passes to The Historic Select Theater and a plaque from Hometown Trophy.
Nominations are taken on our web site and a committee decides the winner. Click here if you would like to nominate someone for Mineola Citizen of the Month.

More information and commentary can be found on our Facebook page.

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