Snow Quest 2013: Saving Lives with Ice

The Texas heat can be deadly. In an effort to do my part to save lives, I’m embarking on a life-altering journey. Join me as I report on my findings each week.

It is my hypothesis that the perfect snow cone will stave off the oppressive heat of the Texas summer and add quality to life. I will be visiting the snow cone stands in the area to take a hard look at the top three flavors of each one. I will analyze flavor offerings, taste, and texture.

Stay tuned – the first analysis will be published this afternoon.



Summer Snow Ice at the intersection of Highway 69 and Highway 37 was the first establishment I visited on the IceQuest. Owned by college student Breana and run by Robyn and Hope, the Summer Snow Ice offers 59 flavors on their flavor board and mix flavors on request. They are open Monday – Saturday 12-6.

My research team analyzed “Heaven with cream,” “Tiger’s Blood,” and “Falcon Blood.” Heaven is a combination of wedding cake and coconut flavors, and cream was added on top. The Research Assistant on this assistant, Sarah, described it as “sweet, sugary – makes you feel like you’re in heaven.” Tiger Blood is a watermelon-strawberry concoction with a mild, fruity flavor. Two of the three researchers named this flavor as their favorite. Falcon Blood was the top choice for Research Assistant Bethany. Its combination of Polar Punch, Tiger Blood, and PiƱa Colada flavors created a colorful dish that reminded her of Bubble Guppies when the red and blue combined to make purple.

Have I found the perfect snow cone already? Perhaps, but only time and extensive research will tell. Join me next week for the next analysis in the IceQuest.


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