“How Mother Nature Came to Be” an Essay

In October, an employee at Dollar General in Mineola found what appeared to be a story written by a school kid. The story was shared with us and we thought it was creative enough to share with our readers. It was assumed that this was thrown out in error, so if someone out there recognizes this and would like the original writing, we have it and would be happy to return it to you.

Once upon a time in a world where there were no humans and no animals just grass and trees the grasses formed into grass-beings and the trees formed into house shapes.

But the grass-beings were lonely and needed someone to guide them so twenty-five of the grass-beings met in a large enchanted dome. Inside, by each of the four entries to the enchanted dome, stood two gigantic alien stones. While all of the grass-beings stood beside each other in a circle the eight alien stones joined hands and started moving around chanting two words “Mother Nature!  Mother Nature!”

All the grass-beings had almost disappeared, but for one mistake. Ten weeds dropped from the ceiling and landed on the grass-beings but it was already too late. The ten weeds that had dropped from the ceiling fused with ten grass-beings. Had they formed into nothing, or were they invisible? Invisible they were. They’re across the whole planet.

A light beam shot from the sky and into the dome. A beautiful woman stepped out of the beam. She was soiled green holding one flower in each hand wearing a grassy looking crown and a beautiful white dress.  All of the grass-beings praised her and made her their queen.

For years she ruled the world with kindness, but a darkness fell over the kingdom. The queen had been poisened and everything went downhill. Icy mountians appeared. Red hot volcaneos burst with lava. Earthquakes rumbled throughout the lands and wildfires killed billions of grass-beings and their tree homes.

The queen was now half bright green and half dark corrupted green. The weeds had finally gotten the queen.  They rushed the corrupted queen to the enchanted dome. There the alien stones tried to save her but they were already too late.

The dome burst open sending the queen flying above it and some of the volcanos and earthquakes stopped. They locked her away in a secret room to never ever be released. Some say she still has mind powers that can control the environment.  That is why Mother Nature is sometimes both cruel and beautiful.

The End

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