Fun with Bigfoot Trivia

With all of the Bigfoot Buzz going on in Mineola, let’s have a little fun while the film crew works on the movie. We’ve put together some Bigfoot trivia for you.


Leave your answers as a comment here or on the Bigfoot post on our Facebook page. We will post the correct answers Friday afternoon. Good luck!

1. What state is known as the Bigfoot capital of the United States?

2. What is Bigfoot’s smelly cousin, who lives in Florida, called?

3. There is an official organization that searches for Bigfoot. What is the name of that organization?

4. Bigfoot’s Florida cousin is famous for a foul smell. What causes this smell?

5. Which US President made a claim to have seen Bigfoot?

6. Who coined the term Sasquatch?

7. When was the term Sasquatch coined?

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We can have fun with Bigfoot without ending up like these poor folks 🙂

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1 comment for “Fun with Bigfoot Trivia

  1. Shanna Rogers
    August 15, 2013 at 12:19 am

    Can i be in the movie, my friends and family call me bigfoot. Plus my friends say im so dramatic.

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