Excellent Advertising Opportunity – Hot Air Balloon

We are pleased to introduce to our readers the Happy Go Lucky hot air balloon. This balloon is roughly 10 stories tall and gets the attention of young and old alike. It can be set up as a static display at events or it can fly above your target audience getting more eyes and more attraction than the most clever billboard ever dreamed of getting.

This is truly a unique opportunity to show off your business in a very clever way. Below is a statement from Tim Mitchiner, owner and Captain of Team Happy Go Lucky. At the bottom of this page is a contact form that goes directly to him if you are interested in discussing this further.

Hot air balloons are an extremely effective means of advertising. Many large corporations such as Remax, GM and Ford to name a few, have used balloons as part of their overall marketing strategy. As someone once said when asked why they use balloons to convey their corporate message, “No one ever pulled over and took a picture of a billboard”.
Our balloon is 78’ tall and has (2) banner areas, each of which is approximately 30’ wide and 15’ tall. We can offer flights over a city, static displays (where the balloon is inflated but kept on the ground), demonstrations at schools or corporate events, champagne flights for special clients and much more. Also, there are a number of balloon events in the area, such as the Great Texas Balloon Race in Longview and the Plano Balloon Festival that regularly have 40,000-70,000 in attendance PER NIGHT for evening displays. They are ideal for getting your company’s name in front of large audiences.
Rates begin with a minimum of (10) appearances with (1) banner attached to the balloon, per year for a total of $5000. We supply the aircraft, commercial balloon pilot, crew, transportation, insurance and other associated costs. The client is responsible for the design and cost of the banner(s), which we will assist in procuring. Fees for additional appearances, appearances more than (60) miles from Mineola, Tx and other services can be supplied on request.
Let us help you get the word out!

Thank you,
Tim Mitchiner

To contact Tim personally about displaying your business logo on this magnificent ballon, use the form below.

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