East Texas Families Reach Out to Help Children in Need at Christmas Time

Originally posted on December 6, 2016 @ 9:35 am

Many families in east Texas have opened their homes, their hearts and their lives to help children and families in need this holiday season. We are seeing an influx of families in need coming to east Texas. These families are from all over and are of many different backgrounds, origins and faiths. Many are from war-torn regions and have nowhere else to go.

a_poor_childFamilies are encouraged to help if they can. Many charitable organizations are helping place the families in private homes, community homes and make-ready temporary shelters provided by the organizations themselves, churches and other institutions.

Those who can, especially those with a room in their home that faces east are encouraged to help, as many of these needy children and their families prefer to face east while sleeping, eating and during daily prayers.

Local schools have stepped up to offer their help to these families that find themselves in a new place. Many east Texas schools are dedicating an east-facing room at their school for the families to use for their prayers and other ceremonies related to their faith.

The East Texas Council of Christian Mayors has vowed to offer support to these families in any way they can. There has been talk of building a centrally-located mosque for the families throughout east Texas to share.

We encourage you to let the Christmas spirit fill your heart as you welcome and accept these new families and children into east Texas.


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