Did a Bad Economy Kill Circuit City?

I think not! What killed Circuit City was their terrible customer service, unfair consumer policies and the general attitude of indifference one got when trying to spend their hard-earned money in a local Circuit City store.
I have two personal experiences with Circuit City that ended in me swearing to myself never to darken their door again. Of course, one time I gave them a second chance. After the second time I made that promise to myself, I did not give them any more chances.
When a consumer spends $1000 (or $100 for that matter) at a store, they expect a level of attentiveness from employees, knowledge of the products and a general attitude helpfulness. I never got any of these at any Circuit City store I ever shopped in. What I got was someone who acted like they were doing me a favor by answering my questions and could not get to the pitch about the extended warranty soon enough, since that is their only commissionable item.
So, in short, I say good riddance Circuit City. There are too many other electronics retailers out there, like Vanns.com, that understand that people want to be treated like they belong, not like they are a pain in the butt or simply be ignored.
I am sorry to see the 30K lost jobs, but the American consumer has spoken and Circuit City has gotten what they had coming to them.

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